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تغییرات این نسخه
    Workaround a Firefox bug where the Flash uploader shows as an opaque white box.
    Support redirects in the image proxy and link title conversion process (while maintaining security).
    Improve autolinking when there are special characters (brackets and similar) immediately after a URL.
    Maintain ICC profiles when resizing with ImageMagick.
    Add extra verification to quote alerts to ensure you only get an alert when the quote is attributed to you.
    The "Facebook Open Graph Logo" style property is now simply "Open Graph Logo" to indicate that it's usage is more generic.
    Fix an HTML error in editor dialogs.
    Fix advanced background-repeat CSS being improperly converted to style property values.
    Add multi-submission prevention to report commenting to prevent accidental double clicks.
    Change the default user agent on outgoing HTTP requests to indicate XenForo and the triggering installation URL.
    Adjust the HTTP response code on malformed proxy output requests to a general 400 error to indicate the client sent a bad request.
    Ensure that when files are dragged into the rich text editor, they are uploaded one by one rather than simultaneously.
    Ensure that leading whitespace is maintained when pasting preformatted text into the rich text editor.
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