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Credits Premium provides lots of functions for creating and managing virtual points on XenForo. Install Credits Premium and see your users interaction soar by offering them points which could be used to view certain topics, exchange for downloads or even real items. There are 8 groups of functions of this add-on for administrators, some functions for users and some others like completing the developer’s documentation. Credits is the main currency and this means that it can be easily extended to offer more ways for your users earn and spend points. APIs are also available for other add-ons to work with Credits Premium.


I. Admin Functions:

1. Configure a lot of options example
- Enable/Disable Visitor Tab Display.
- Enable/Disable Message Element Display.
- Enable/Disable Visitor Sidebar Panel Display.
- Enable/Disable Member View Display.
- Enable/Disable Member Card Display.
- Choose to currency will be displayed.
- Can limit the number of members to show on statistics.
- Enable/Disable low priority update SQL queries.
- Can limit the number of transactions that will show per page.
- Can limit the number of days to keep transactions.
- Can set to return credits after delete transaction.
- Can set list of file extenstions will be ignored to be download action.
- Allow Guests to Trigger View Actions.
- Exclude Block BBCode from Size Multipliers.
- Count Words for Size Multipliers.
- Can chooose the member field to complete their profile.
- Reset all User Credits to Zero (with prune existing transactions).
- Reset all User Credits from Zero (without prune existing transactions).
- Give credits from the beginning (without prune existing transactions).

- Enable/Disable currency that users can be withdrawed
- Set minimum and maximum amount users can withdraw.
- Set specific usergroups can use currency.​
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