XF دانلود زنفورو نسخه 1.5.8 1.5.8

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پشتیبانی از نسخه های
نیاز به ویرایش مجوزهای گروه های کاربری
در این نسخه دو باگ امنیتی بر طرف شده همچنین باگ های زیر یرطف شدن
    Ensure message length limits are enforced in conversations.
    Clean up like counts on profile post comments when the comment is deleted or the containing profile post is deleted.
    Log IPs when a session is created from a "stay logged in" cookie.
    Fix an issue where content pasted into the rich text editor could have spaces stripped out unexpectedly.
    When an add-on is updated, make sure JS files are recached as they may have changed.
    Allow reports for posts that were in a forum that has since been deleted to be viewable.
    Only allow form textareas to be vertically resizable by default.
    Attempt to force TLSv1 with connections to PayPal when it's unclear if TLS 1.2 is supported.
    Make the meaning of certain subscription-related IPN callbacks from PayPal clearer in the transaction log.
    Allow the PayPal IPN handler to be extended by add-ons.
    Fix an issue where inserting a spoiler into the rich text editor could lose the current selection.
    Fix an issue with spoiler tag buttons being submittable if JavaScript is not functioning properly.
    Remove an unexpected scrollbar from the second (and further) lightbox created on a page.
    Fix a case where accounts imported from IPB did not authenticate properly if their password contained certain special characters.
    Respect custom BB codes disabling BB code parsing within when setting up the rich text editor.
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